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Some brief information about our Foundation

Who we are & what we do

With its office in Sydney, Australia, the Brennan Family Foundation was established by Alec Brennan in 2010 to provide ongoing charitable support to a range of organisations that the family had interest or involvement with. Most of the charities we support operate in Australia or South-east Asia. Our primary interests are in the areas of the Environment, Arts & Education, Medical Research and Humanitarian Aid & Development.

How we choose our charities

Proposals are researched by individual directors and presented for consideration by the board.  Funding is generally for multi-year projects with specific objectives agreed in advance. Regular acquittal is requested to ensure the projects are on track.  Most organisations supported are in Australia.  The organisations we supported in 2023 are found here

Directors & Governance

All funding for the Foundation comes from the family.  The Foundation pursues an ethical investment strategy and donates at least 5% of its corpus each year to DGR charities.

Details of our board and governance  are found here